Make Sure Your Furry Friend Is Born Healthy

Make Sure Your Furry Friend Is Born Healthy

Learn about our healthy cat breeding process in Windsor & Fort Collins, CO

Every one of our breedable cats is considered a king or queen and treated as such. With exceptional health care and a healthy diet, we do our part to make sure your little purrince or purrincess is born healthy. Jazzy Cat Siberians is proud to provide healthy cat breeding in Windsor & Fort Collins, CO, which means that the availability of our next litter will depend on heat cycles and the health of our kings and queens.

If you have any questions about our next litter or a current kitten for adoption, call 970-236-1915 now to speak with a cat breeding professional.

What tests must our cats pass before they can breed?

Unlike other local breeders, we follow a lengthy process to make sure the parents are healthy cats before breeding them. This process includes:

  • Performing a blood test to check for any hidden diseases
  • Doing an HCM test to make sure the cat has no heart issues
  • Completing a genetic test to check for things like kidney disease

Once all of the necessary testing is done, breeding will take anywhere from one to five days. The new kitten will grow for roughly 65 days, and we’ll care for it for 14 to 16 weeks before it can be adopted.

Wondering who our next cat breeding power couple might be? Check out our kings and queens today.