Queen Raduga is a large girl. As a Traditional Siberian, she does NOT carry the Colorpoint Neva gene. Raduga is a Black Classic Marbled Tabby with White, whose parents are GIC Gavryusha Siberian Sapphire and Zirka Colour Foot*PL.

Raduga is a playful, extremely intelligent girl who produces large kittens, and her gravelly meows are easily heard throughout the house.


Queen Koloko'chik (Koko) is a very sweet, vocal, smart, playful Seal Lynx Point, (Neva). She comes from Championship lines with Dad CH Jarmiro Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva, and Mom ICH Melodiya Iz Odissei. Koko still has her very unique signature Russian accent! Koko has VERY sweet, beautiful kittens, one of which just earned the title of SUPREME Grand Champion Alter!!! Koko also has a new litter of precious babies. She is a FABULOUS mother and takes GREAT care of her babies!


Queen Milena, a Blue Silver Lynx Point w/white, is the largest of our Queens. Her mother, CH Helma Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva - a Black Torbie Point with White, is equally as large and beautiful, and Milena's dad, CH Bal'zam dlya dushi Danvel, is a big Black Silver boy. Milena is a special girl whose main color is Blue, but she carries gold. Her first litter produced 5 very large colorful kittens; Blue Lynx, Blue Lynx w/White, Blue Smoke Tortie Point with White, Seal Silver Torbie Point w/white, and a Seal Smoke Tortie Bicolor. QGCA Jazzycat Chief Chirpa is her son, and just earned the Quad Grand Champion Alter title! Milena's 2nd litter produced 5 big gorgeous kittens; CORIN Gold Black Classic Tabby, Black Silver Classic Tabby w/White, and 3 stunning CORIN Silver Black Mackerel Tabbies (Bimetallic). We are very excited to see their progress through the show rings!


Queen Sasha is a very colorful girl! Officially, a Black Shaded Classic Torbie Bicolor, or affectionately known as a Turtle, or Harlequin. Sasha is Theo's sister, and has yet to have her first litter. We have big plans for her and Yaromir, and oh what cute kittens they will eventually have! Sasha's parents are Munchranch Daisy Moose Pyotrovna and Grinnell Creation Ridge Nalla. Sasha is a very sweet kitty, and has an affinity for mocking parrot behavior, like perching on shoulders...lol.